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The skin needs good products to look beautiful and healthy . However,  around us there are many myths about skin care, most cases far from reality.
Today we intend  to clarify some of these myths:
1) Use a moisturizer prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

FALSE! Moisturizers help keep skin hydrated but to prevent the appearance of wrinkles it is necessary to use anti-aging creams that have formulas specifically developed for this purpose.
2) The more you apply the better the results

FALSE! It´s not truth the more you apply the better results.  Concerning Matriskin products, a little amount of product is enough to have results.
3) The sunscreen is only for the summer or the beach.

FALSE! Solar radiation is present every day of the year, although it´s not as noticeable as in the hottest months , it does not mean they do not reach our Skin. We recommend  sunscreen daily in order to avoid possible skin problems in the future.
4) If you eat fatty foods or chocolate you get pimples.

FALSE!  There is no scientific evidence that this is so, if it is true that eating a balanced diet helps maintain healthy skin. But today has not been demonstrated with these foods a cause - effect directly.  If you have oily skin with acne we recommend the use of specific treatments that combat this condition. (See our treatment)

Do you know any other false myth and want to share it with us? We await your comments!


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