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Today, we dedicate our blog to talk about one of the biggest skin-related concerns for women: Wrinkles. There are different types of wrinkles that can be classified in a very simple way:

1)  Expression wrinkles. Such wrinkles are caused by the continuous movement of certain facial muscles. They’re normally formed in the forehead, the outside of the eyes and the upper lip.

These types of wrinkles are caused by the expression of our emotions, whether of joy (laughing) or sadness. Somehow they reflect the expression of our personality.

2)  Gravity wrinkles. Such wrinkles are those caused by the weight of tissues. Over the years, the skin loses its tension therefore it unhangs, consequently wrinkles appear.

3)  Age wrinkles. Many of the wrinkles on our face appear due to the harmful action of the sun. This is called photo-aging since the skin is damaged due to continuous exposure to sunlight. Sunlight not only ages but also causes the appearance of sunspots.

Matriskin has different products designed to prevent the appearance of wrinkles in younger skin and reduce them in more mature skins.

Ask our specialists about products and treatments suitable for your skin type: info@matriskinamerica.com

See you Soon, Matriskin

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