Over the years the skin ages, decreasing its volume and losing its tone. The passage of time is especially visible in the area around the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is particularly delicate because it is five times thinner than the rest of skin’s face, so the evaporation of water is higher; it is also subject to constant activity: smiles, winks, etc.

 In addition, the effects of age, climate, stress and fatigue become very evident.The consequence of these factors is the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that end with the brightness of the eyes.

Our biologist, Paloma Cohen has developed an anti-aging effect formula that hydrates, firms and strengthens the protective barrier: The LISS Eye Contour, which among other ingredients is made of:

- Ceramide: Promotes cell cohesion.

- Polysaccharides: It reinforces skin’s hydrolipids barrier, hydrates and firms the skin.

- Vegetable proteins: They promote collagen synthesis, increase cell regeneration, give elasticity and erase wrinkles.

The use of LISS Eye Contour will provide the following benefits:

1) REJUVENATING: it erases wrinkles and reduces crow’s feet.

2) FIRMING: it firms the skin around the eyes.

3) ELASTICITY: it moisturizes and nourishes promoting the return of elasticity.

Do you wanna try? (product)

See you soon, Matriskin!

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