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As the years go by our skin changes:  wrinkles, freckles, spots and lost of skin elasticity are main signals.

Today we will focus on stains caused by the sun that occasionally appear on our face.

It is clear that exposure to the sun catches up to us. There are different types of stains caused by the sun. Among them, hyperpigmentation, which is an excess of melanin, is one of the most common. Prevent its occurrence, is the best way to treat them: we must use daily a sunscreen to protect our skin from UV and UB rays, and avoid an excessive exposure to sun.

If the stains are already present on our face we recommend to be patience and constant. In order to avoid pigmentation increases and try to eliminate the stains we already have it is important to follow these guidelines:

  • Use a high protection sunscreen throughout the year. A hat will also help to protect your skin when sun exposure.
  • Creams and treatments specifically suited for this purpose: from Matriskin we recommend the anti-stain treatment, particularly suitable for hyperpigmentation problems
  • Finally there are other effective treatments (but more aggressive) that help removing stains: microdermabrasion, pulsed light, laser,. Ect .. From Matriskin we recommend to consult a specialist before any of these treatments.


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