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The Tanning History


Summer is close and also our desire to be tan. Do you know how became to be tanned fashionable? In today’s post we will tell you about:

Designer Coco Chanel was the driving force,  this fashion followed for about 90 years. After a summer vacation on the French coast, she boasted about her tan in on

e of her fashion shows. From that moment this new style became fashionable: Being tan begins to be associated with money and good lifestyles.

In the 60′s, tan fashion reached its “end up“,  women used to have sun baths for long hours and without any protector.

It´s not until the 80′s, when we began to consider the harmful effects sun has on the skin, replacing the products until now used to enhance the tanning for those containing protection against sun UV filters.

From Matrsikin, we recommend sun exposure but always in a responsible manner: High sun protection and avoid sun exposure between 12:00 and 17.00 pm

See you soon!

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