A Matriskin Beauty Secret: The Mask Osmopeel

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When the passage of time becomes obvious, one of the most visible mark are the changes occurringin in our skin: The skin becomes more demanding and different aggressions( both external and internal)  cause the first wrinkles and expression lines. In addition, we observe a lack of light, texture and naturally in our skin.

From the moment the dermis shows the first signs of aging, it is important to use specific products to fight against them.  The mask Osmopeel (+ details
) is one of the top Matriskin products, applying it 2 or 3 times a week we can improve skin clarity, revitalize and reduce fine wrinkles and  lines.

We invite you to try it and  check the results yourself!

We await your comments …

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BYE BYE Dark Circles and Bags!

Dark circles and bags are one of the aesthetic problems that most concern both women and men.

The eye area is one of the first signs that betrays the tiredness, the passage of time or some kind of physical problem.

It is the thinnest skin of our body, and therefore the most delicate. It is because of this we must pay special attention to this area to avoid and mitigate the appearance of these unsightly bags and dark circles that give your face a tired and aged appearance.

Today I want to introduce our great ally Matriskin fighting effectively against puffiness and dark circles: The cream Matriskin No-Pad(http://www.matriskinamerica.com/en/product-catalog/19-nopad-anti-puff.html) : The D-Hill, present in this cream, is an association of specific molecules of vegetable origin. Being used for the first time in dermocosmetics, it helps to decrease puffiness and dark circles showing results of decreament by 69%.

We recommend using it in small amounts every night, with little pressure in the eye area, using a slight drainage from the outside.

And if we add healthy habits such as sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day, drink plenty of water and eating a balanced diet, to our Matriskin NO PAD, then you are ready to say BYE, BYE .. bags and dark circles!

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