Facebook y “The Matriskin’s Ambassador”  

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Matriskin America launches “Matriskin’s Ambassador”, an original Facebook application. In a simple contest, users will be able to choose the most convincing candidate to become Matriskin’s Ambassador of June.

The participant with the highest number of supporters (votes) will be ambassador this month, and therefore have the privilege of a free trial of the brand’s exclusive treatment that better suits her skin type. Later on, after 28 days of treatment, she will have the possibility to tell all Matriskin’s sympathizers about her experience and the effects on her skin.

The contest will be operational throughout the month of June at the Matriskin American Facebook page. It will be on Friday the 29th of June, when the winner, the new Matriskin’s Ambassador, will be announced via Facebook.

Do you want to participate?   I WANT TO PARTICIPATE>>

Good Luck!

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Matriskin products are cosmeceuticals products, not cosmetic products.

Cosmetic Products onlye act at a very superficial level into the skin. They work at the upper most layer of the Epidermis and do not delay your skin’s ageing process.

Cosmeceutical Products have pharmaceutical benefits to your skin. Cosmeceutical products are composed by active ingredients that act on the cellular structure of the skin through topical application.  They are more concentrated, purer and more effective.

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Don´t miss Matriskin on People Español “The 50 Most Beautiful”

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Paulina Rubio & Matriskin

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As you already Know Matriskin has generated a lot of buzz over the last few years, partly due to its popularity among celebrities who have been sharing its miraculous properties with their admirers.

“ What I like the most is that the texture is light and that it penetrates quickly into my skin. They are perfect products to correct the first signs of aging and furthermore to prevent that these continue getting worse.”

Paulina Rubio

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We are building a team of skin care specialists who want to become distributors of our wide range of professional products.

 We are looking for aesthetic practitioners or physicians interested in a revolutionary system that incorporates the same formulations used by dermatologists and the most remarkable spas in Europe.

 These products are specially meant for skin care professionals, that contain ingredients with proven efficacy, in appropriate concentrations, and that can be combined with other products in order to obtain high standard results.

 Treatments protocols help achieve excellent results, in accordance with the needs of each patient.

 We offer the best conditions to our distributors.

 We need distributors in the U.S., Colombia and Mexico.

More Information >>

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For those who do not know the history of our products, today we will tell you a bit about it:

All our products have been created by the French Biologist and Chemist Paloma Cohen in collaboration with other Dermatologist Experts, such as Dr. Pierre Huet. MatriSkin is the result of over 20 years studying and researching about more common problems of the skin.

The MATRISKIN technology combines two patented molecules, polysaccharides and ceramides, obtained through cutting-edge biotechnological processes. The result of this unique combination is an extensive range of products that fortify the protective function of the skin and restructure its many cell layers.

MATRISKIN’s secret lies in its active ingredients and the process in which they are combined in compounds to transform your skin in only 30 days. 

Interesting, right?

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Mother’s day is getting close, have you already thought of a gift?… Take advantage of Matriskin discounts for this special day!!

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“Today we begin a new adventure: The blog Matriskin. Through this new space we would like to share with you everything about skin care.
The skin, like the heart, is a vital organ. Its care and how to keep it healthy has always been a daily battle in our lives. The skin fulfills essential functions for our body, constitutes abarrier to external agents, is the recipient of sensations, regulates body temperature and also acts as our the presentation and disclosure.

From now through our blog, we will  regularly informe you about  trends, news and tips related to our skin and its care.
We will present you our products, treatments and will keep you informed of all Matrskin promotions.
On the other hand, we want to make the blog MATRISKIN a meeting point with our customers so we invite you to send us  your comments, questions and suggestions.

See you soon!

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